Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spoil me swap

Look at what Crystal sent me in the Spoil Me Swap on the CMB, and she really spoiled me. We had to make and buy things for our partner for 5 days for this swap. I was so lucky to be partnered up with Crystal, she is the best and knows exactly what I like. I cant remember what each day was because I cheated and opened all at once instead of one a day. So I am just  going to post all the wonderful things she sent at once instead of spreading them out into different days. Before I add the pics I would just like to say to Crystal again how much I LOVE everything you sent and I cant say thank you enough,you are the best!!!!!
Love these, so many pretty colors

This is so cool, I have it right on my desk

Shes got me hooked on these little letters,lol

More wires for my Cinch, now I can play some more with it and I Love these stamps!

I will NEVER get enough Halloween items I Love Halloween!

Arent these just the cutest!

I love this it is so pretty!

I know I keep saying I love things but I cant help it I love this and its right on my desk to

So pretty and I also have it right on my desk!!!!

Like I said I can NEVER get enough Halloween supplies!!

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