Friday, May 6, 2011

I have the sweetest husband & son ever!!

My sweet husband asked me to make a car and a girl to put in the car cause he said someone at his work wanted to see what they looked like. He said it didnt have to be nice just a little something so she could see what they looked like. So I made them up for him to take to work, well yesterday when I got home he had a surprise for me. He used the car and girl I had made, to make a card for me, there had never been anyone at work that wanted them it had been him wanting them. He used scraps from my scrap drawers and he was so proud that he knew how to mat the sayings that he printed out. He even tried using a pink spray on the card. He had a little trouble with it so part of the saying is gone but to me it is the most beautiful card I ever saw! It made me cry that he would go thru all the trouble to do this for me. I love him so much!!!!!! Then to top it off after we went to town to get gas we came home and my son gave me a package of twizzlers that he had decorated with my punches while we were gone! Last night was a very weepy night for me, I have the best husband and son!!!

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