Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I have been tagged-4 answers

Crystal had this posted on her blog and I thought it was a great way to get to know everyone

4 shows that I watch:
Phineas & Ferb , Mythbusters, Ghost Whisperer and Ghost Hunters
4 things I'm passionate about:
my family, my friends, crafting and doing the right thing

4 words/phrases I use alot:
Seriously (my fave saying)
WHAT are you kids doing?

I love you (I say this to my husband a lot)
4 things I have learned from the past:
Its ok to say NO (still working on this one lol)
I dont believe in myself enough
As long as you have your family it dosent matter if you have nothing else you will make it
My husband & son are the most important things in the world, no one & nothing is more important than they are

4 things you are looking forward to:
Having more together time with my husband after my son leaves ( although I know I will miss him like crazy)
Having time off work to be home with my family
My 14th Anniversary this year
Finally having time to scrapbook for just me and no one else

4 things I did yesterday:
worked, went grocery shopping, had my niece & nephew spend the night and sold some more LO's

4 things I love about Winter:
the snow, its so pretty when its all sparkly
no bugs (I hate them)
snowball fights

4 Places I would like to visit:
House on The Rocks (beautiful place in my state)
Mackinac Island

Now to pass this on to 4 people:
Everyone I would LOVE if you did this, I would LOVE to learn more about you. If you do it please link me!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How can you say no to theses faces

Mr. Wimpers


Shadow box for my SIL

This my husband actually came up with the idea for and I just helped him tweak it and put it together.

Birthday card I made for my niece

I used Create A Critter to make this card

My Christmas cards that I sent out this year

I used Create A Critter & a CTMH stamp to make this one

Im not sure but I think I also used CAC on this card

Vintage wood box

This is my favorite thing that I made for the swap. It was a challenge to get it to work right but I am super proud of how it came out. I painted the box using CTMH pearl paint and a Vintage Photo re-inker.  Then I used vintage images form online and printed them on copy paper. After cutting the pics out I Mod Podged them to the box after it dried I sprayed it with clear sealer.

Christmas mini i did for the Christmas swap

I got the idea for this mini from a mini album that I bought at a craft fair

More from Christmas Swap

Since she loves Halloween I added some Halloween items. This is a card I made from a vintage pic I found online

another card

altered journal

Halloween LO

LO for camping

altered pic frame

Christmas projects

Ok I finally have the time to post some of my projects from a Christmas swap that I did on the Cricut board. I had a great partner and had lots of fun doing it.
Tin that I made to hold Christmas tags & bows

Inside of tin with 12 tags
Picture frame I altered to make it a Christmas decoration