Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love making magnets!

My friend Crystal turned me on to making these, now I do it for everyone I can. I decided to make some of the glass ones this time instead of just sticking with the bottle cap ones. This time I had major issues when I was making them, I must have thrown out at least six of the bottle caps and probably two of the glass ones before I got things to work for me. For some reason no matter what I tried, the red ink kept running when I added the Glossy Effects to it. I have made these many times and have not had this issue before. If you have any tips PLEASE let me know what you do to keep the ink from running!

I also decided to make a little box for them this time. I cut it out using the Cricut cartridge Wild Cards then I stamped some vellum and taped it to the top so the box was a little fancier.

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